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AYGO Blue. More Comfort, less cost.

posted on Oct 12 2010 by Gary Shapland

Trendy transport for the hip and happening. It's in the lowest insurance group, 1E, and with class-leading fuel consumption of 61.4mpg. This Aygo Blue gives you airconditioning, blue tooth, metallic paint plus all the features of the Aygo+ model. All this for an amazing leasing price of 133 pcm based on Contract Hire 10k mpa + VAT, other car lease profiles and mileages available.

He has driven more than his fair share of supercars but Ben Collins, the former Stig, has claimed his favourite car is the Toyota Aygo.

Collins, 35, fell in love with the motor, which costs from just over 10,000, after destroying it in a game of "car football" for the programme Top Gear.
He said: "The Toyota Aygo was probably the one we had the most fun in because we used that one extensively for car football.

"We trashed it to bits but it kept going even with the radiator hanging off and the headlights falling out of the sockets.
"It took a real pounding. We just went wild."
He claimed that other racing drivers felt the same about the reasonably priced car.
He said: "We had about five or six touring car drivers on that day and we unanimously agreed we hadn't had that much fun in a car that we could remember.
"The Aygo was the most fun although it was the cheapest."

Here's the bottom line: if every UK motorist swapped their cars for a Toyota Aygo, CO2 emissions would be cut by nearly 50 per cent. We would all have more disposable income, the environment would benefit, and so would the economy.

Designed and built in conjunction with the PSA Group, and therefore mechanically identical to both the Citron C1 and Peugeot 107, the Aygo is Toyota's first attempt at a Euro-specific budget car. The promise of Japanese reliability and French charm should make for an alluring combination.

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